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Fly Racing Revel Roost Guard
Fly Racing Revel Roost Guard
Item# 36-16041
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Product Description

-Full upper torso plastic roost deflector
-Revolutionary biofoam chassis attachment system eliminates injury-causing plastic rivets and utilizes soft plastics and TPR rubbers without high points that could injure in the event of an impact
-Neckbrace compatible design: simply slide underneath the plastics or remove the plastic panels on the chest and back depending upon on neckbrace design
-Removable thermoformed soft biofoam chassis for increased comfort and easy washing
-Easy-to-use waist belt buckles integrated into the chest plastic
-Air channels molded into the biofoam allow hot air to escape
-Adjustable shoulder straps for a custom comfortable fit
-Low-profile design can be worn under a jersey
-Multiple vents for maximum airflow