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Bridgestone X30 Intermediate Terrain Rear Tire
Bridgestone X30 Intermediate Terrain Rear Tire
Item# 30-214

Product Description

Bridgestone X30 Intermediate Rear Tire

Bridgestone’s first brand new tire in a couple of years, the X30 Intermediate hits the MX track with a tread pattern that is both very innovative and very distinctive. From the large chiseled knobs within knobs design to cooling fins on the rear tire, Bridgestone hasn’t held back in the quest for traction and racing performance.

•Convex “Castle Block” for enhanced traction in acceleration and braking
•Feature cooling fin for better heat dispersion
•Asymmetric rear tread pattern also enhances traction during acceleration, deceleration and cornering
•Improved grip in all conditions
•Available in most big bike sizes