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Item# 611354
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Fits: Bikes listed below

Kawasaki KX125 89-93 (front) Kawasaki KLX140 08-09 (front) Kawasaki KLX140L 08-09 (front) Kawasaki KDX200 E5 / E6 93-94 (front) Kawasaki KDX250 D1 91 (front) Kawasaki KDX250 D2/D3/D4 92-94 (front) Kawasaki KLX250S 09-up (front) Kawasaki KLX250SF Supermotard 09-up (front) Kawasaki KX250 G1/H1/H2/J1/J2 89-93 (front) Kawasaki KX500 89-93 (front) Kawasaki KLF300 C1-C17 Bayou 4x4 89-05 (front left) Kawasaki KLF400 B1-B7 Bayou 4x4 93-99 (front left) Kawasaki KVF650 F7F/F8F Brute Force 4x4i Hardwoords Green 07-08 (front left) Kawasaki KVF650 H7F/H8F Brute Force 4x4i 07-08 (front left) Kawasaki KV650 G7F/G8F Brute Force 4x4i Hardwoods Green 07-08 (front left) Kawasaki KVF750 A1/A6F/C7F/D8F/DAF/D9F/F8F Brute Force 4x4 05-up (front left) Kawasaki KVF750 B1/B6F/B7FA/E8F/E9F/EAF Brute Force 4x4 Hardwoods Green HD 05-up (front left) Kawasaki KVF750 E8FA/E9FA/EAF Brute 750 4x4i NRA Outdoors 08-up (front left) Kawasaki KVF650 F9F Brute Force 4x4i 08 (front left) Kawasaki KRF750 A8F/B8F/G9F/NAF Teryx 4x4 08-up (front left) Kawasaki KRF750 C8F/D8F/J9FA/PAF Teryx 4x4 LE 08-up (front left) Kawasaki KRF750 F8F/M9F Teryx 4x4 NRA Outdoors 08-up (front left) Kawasaki KRF750 SAF Teryx 4x4 LE Sport 10-up (front left)

Suzuki RM125 87-93 (front) Suzuki DR250 90-95 (front) Suzuki RM250 87-93 (front) Suzuki RMX250 89-95 (front) Suzuki DR350 L/Mn/N/P/R/S/T 90-96 (front) Suzuki DR350 SL/SM/SN/SP/SEP/SES 90-95 (front) Suzuki DR350 SET/SEV 96-97 (front) Suzuki LT-F300 King Quad 02 (front left) Suzuki LT-R450 06-up (front left) Suzuki LT-F500 FW/FX/Fy/FK1/FK2 Quadrunner 98-02 (front left) Suzuki LT-A500 FY/FK1 Quadmaster 00-01 (front left) Suzuki YZF450 SEW Special Edition 07 (front left) Suzuki YZF450 S/T 04-05 (front left) Suzuki YZF450 V/W/X/Y 06-09 (front left) Suzuki YZF450 BBW Bill Balance Edition 07 (front left) Suzuki YZF450 SEW/SPX Special Edition 07-08 (front left) Suzuki YZF450 RY/RZ 09-up (front left) Suzuki YZF450 XZ (front left) Suzuki YFM700 Raptor 06-09 (front left) Suzuki YFM700 Raptor Special Edition 07-09 (front left) Suzuki YXR450 04-09 (front left) Suzuki YXR660 04-07 (Front left) Suzuki YXR700 FHX/FDUX/FSEPX/FSEPX2/FSPX/FXGR/FXR Rhino 08 (front right, or rear) Suzuki YXR700 Rhino FL Auto 4x4 Ducks Unlimited Version 09 (front right, or rear) Suzuki YXR700 Rhino FL Auto 4x4 Sport Edition 09 (front right, or rear) Suzuki YXR700 Rhino FL Auto 4x4 SE 09 (front right, or rear) Suzuki YXR700 Rhino FL Auto 4x4 09 (front right, or rear)

Yamaha YZ125 89-93 (front) Yamaha WR125 98 (front) Yamaha WR200 92 (front) Yamaha TT-R230 05-09 (front) Yamaha TT-R250 99-06 (front) Yamaha YZ250 89-93 (front) Yamaha WR250 91-97 (front) Yamaha WR500 92-93 (front)

ATK all models 93-96 (front or rear)

Husqvarna CR125 92-94 (front) Husqvarna WR125 93-94 (front) Husqvarna CR250 92-94 (front) Husqvarna WR250 92-94 (front) Husqvarna TE350 92-94 (front) Husqvarna CR360 92-94 (front) Husqvarna WR360 92-94 (front) Husqvarna TC610 92-94 (front) Husqvarna TE610 92-94 (front)

United Motors DSF200 06-08 (front) United Motors DTF200 06-08 (front) United Motors SMF200 08 (front)