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Warm & Safe Heated Gear Portable Heat Troller
Warm & Safe Heated Gear Portable Heat Troller
Item# 52233

Product Description

Warm & Safe Heat-Troller Kits

The Warm & Safe Heat-trollers are based on a solid state design. Similar to the Remote Heat-troller, the Legacy Heat-trollers are protected from shorts, overloads, reverse polarity, and water. They use the coax designed connector developed with 16-gauge wire and an SPT-1 automotive-grade overmold that is designed for -40F temperature.

*Electronic, solid state design coupled with analog control for a full range of heat, with minimum power loss
*LED provides visual feedback for on, off, power level & polarity
*Sealed switch with tactile On/Off with 300 rotation, providing heat from 3% to full on
*Heat-troller is waterproof and can be left on the bike in the rain
*Solid state, high tech, safe & reliable electronics design
*Fits comfortably in most places
*Battery harness made of automotive grade wire that is resistant to oil, acid, water and grime with automotive style fuse
*Handles 15-Amps at 13V with internal reset