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Hiflo HF123 KLR650 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Hiflo HF123 KLR650 Motorcycle Oil Filter
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Product Description

Fits the following models:
Kawasaki Motorcycle
Z200 A1-A6 77-83
BJ250 A2,A3,C2 Estrella 250 94-00
KL250 A1,A1A,A2,A3,A4 77-81
KL250 C,C2,L1 82-83
KL250 D2-D22 (KLR250) 84-05
KZ250 D1,D2 80-81
KZ250 W1,LTD 83
Z250 C1,C2,G1,G2,LTD 81-83
KL600 A1,B1-B4 (KLR600) 84-90
KL650 A1-A19,A6F,A7F,E8F,E9F,EAF,EBF,ECF,EDF,EEF,EFF (KLR650) 87-15
KL650 B1,B2,B3 Tengai (KLR650) 89-92
KL650 C1-C9 (KLR650) 95-03
KLX650 A1-A3,D1 (KLX650 R) 93-96
KLX650 C1-C5 93-97
KLX650 R