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LS2 Subverter Blackout Motocross Helmet
LS2 Subverter Blackout Motocross Helmet
Item# LS2Blackout

Product Description

LS2 has come out with a great helmet that focuses on RIDER SAFETY 1st at an exceptional price point with the MX470 Subverter! Aggressive shell design, great graphics and huge safety benefits make this helmet a must have for any off road rider or racer!

Product details:
*DOT & ECE Certified
*extremely light weight! 3 different shell sizes ensures the lightest and smallest shell per size! ( 1200 grams +/- 50 )
* Made with the ultra-light KPA ( fiberglass composite ), the new Subverter is offering, above all, a security sliding structure with a double injection of EPS, to guarantee an exceptional protection on impacts.
*The construction of the sliding structure allows the helmet to slow down rotating forces to the riders brain.
*Emergency Cheek Pad removal system allows EMT / Track side aid the ability quickly to remove the cheek pads and the helmet with out disturbing the riders neck in an accident situation.
*Extremely ventilated throughout the helmet to allow air flow