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Metzeler Tourance Next 150/70-17 Rear Motorcycle Tire
Metzeler Tourance Next 150/70-17 Rear Motorcycle Tire
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Product Description

Metzeler Tourance Next Tires

The new Metzeler Tourance NEXT are Enduro street tires that dares you to challenge any weather condition and any road. This 90/10 tire represents the latest generation of Enduro Street tires, featuring new compounds, profiles, structure and tread pattern for unmatched levels of stability, safety on wet and mileage. Rear tires are now dual compound, derived from Metzeler's Z8 Interact tires focused on increasing wet performance and mileage. The rear tire shoulder compounds are 100% Silica that guarantees an excellent chemical grip on wet surfaces and provides great confidence and feel. Front tires also feature a high silica content for improved handling and faster warm up.

*Improved wet grip and stability
*Improved mileage over previous Tourance EXP tires
*Features Metzeler's Zero Degree Steel Radial technology
*MAW (Metzeler Advance Winding) system optimizes the spacing between the cords of the Zero Degree steel belt
*Differentiated groove layout and shape
*Improved water evacuation as the compound is always in contact with the road
*Dual Compound rear sizes
*Center, harder compound is 40-45mm wide depending on tire size
*Rear tires feature Silica content of 50% in center compound specifically designed to optimize mileage and stability at high speeds and fully loaded
*Shoulder compounds are 100% Silica to guaranty an excellent chemical grip on wet surfaces
*Rear tires feature Metzeler Interact technology with three zones of variable tension belt layout, similar to the Roadtec Z8 Interact
*Front tires are single compound
*Front tires also feature a high Silica content (over 50%) and uses new polymers and resins to provide improved handling and grip with fast warm up
*New, innovative high stiffness structure for a more sportbike-like tire behavior
*Ideal choice for the latest generation Adventure touring bikes
*OE on the new BMW R1200GS