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Onguard 8018 Beast 6' 12mm Hex Chain Lock
Onguard 8018 Beast 6' 12mm Hex Chain Lock
Item# 8018

Product Description

This is the all NEW Onguard 8018 6' Beast chain (previously 5018) with 12mm (0.47") Titanium reinforced hexagonal shape steel links. One end link is elongated to allow one link lockup in a narrow opening special padlock. The shrouded shackle, double deadbolt padlock offers maximum protection against bolt cutter, hacksaw and prying attacks. Onguard's Z-cylinder with bump protection is highly pick and drill resistant.

•12mm - 1/2" / 6FT Hexagonal security chain
•X2P Dual locking mechanism secures both sides of shackle
•New bump-proof Z-Cylinder
•Rounded lock design eliminates prying points
•Soft fabric sleeve provides scratch protection
•Every Onguard lock comes with 5 keys. 1 key is illuminated
•Dust and water protected cylinder
•13.7Lbs - 6.2Kg
Anti theft protection offers are available from Onguard.
$1001 for Power sport and $3501 for Bicycle