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Rock Oil Strawberry Trial 2 Motorcycle Pre-Mix
Rock Oil Strawberry Trial 2 Motorcycle Pre-Mix
Item# Rstraw

Product Description

Rock Oil Strawberry Trial 2 Stroke

Strawberry Trial 2 Stroke is a low ash synthetic 2 stroke lubricant with a sweet strawberry fragrance for use in injection systems or as a pre-mix at manufacturer's recommended ratios.

Low ash formulation provides a high resistance to harmful pre-ignition, a severe problem in larger or more powerful two stroke engines.
Ultimate protection for today's high performance two stroke throughout a very wide temperature range.
Benefits include; accurate metering, sharp throttle response, low smoke and extreme thermal stability. Maximum performance, even under the most severe conditions.
Synthetic formulation helps provide maximum shear strength for complete protection of crankshafts and pistons, as well as improved engine cleanliness and reduced smoke.

Strawberry Trial 2 Stroke meets or exceeds the following specifications:
Global ISO-L-EGD
Strawberry Trial 2 Stroke also meets the requirements of SEA-DOO jet skis.
Typical Physical Characteristics:
Density @ 15C 0.867
Viscosity @ 40C 61.0 cSt
Pour Point < - 20 C
Appearance Clear red liquid